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Hello and Welcome to the Show. I'm Nataliya Ryazanova and I'm Vita ComodaTeddy. It was in the beginning of 2013 that I first made a toy and created this brand. But my sewing experience is a big part of my life.

              I have been sewing since I was 4 years old and this is my favorite occupation.

I and the bears took part in many professional exhibitions in Moscow, London and Münster (Germany).

              Each Vita Comoda Teddy Bear is quite unique. The pattern is used no more than 2 times. It is made of professional materials.  

              If the bear is wearing clothes, then you can be sure that this clothing is sewn according to the technology of human clothes.  Often I decorate the clothes with embroidery made by me on the embroidery machine.

               MY AWARDS

 2015 -  TOBY Choice Award  

 2016, 2017  - URSA Award

 2017 -  Nomination Golden George;  

 2017 -  Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards Choice  Judging

 2018 -  TOBY Choice Award; Nomination Golden Award



Nicole is a charming Bunny.

Bunny sewn from German mohair, limited edition. The palms and feet and ears are made of felt. Ears - reinforced.

The Bunny is filled with sawdust, wood wool, steel and mineral granulate.

Nicole has 5 splinter mounts, glass German eyes.

Bunny is dressed in a beautiful skirt and a knitted jacket with a brooch.


Nicole has a little Bunny friend. It is made of German viscose, stuffed with holofayber.

Nicole is tinted with artistic oil paints.

Bunnies will come to you in a gift box.

Size  11,8"

Price: $300



         Greta is a monkey, made in my author's style.

She has an original pattern of the face. 

Greta can sit on the edge of the table or shelf, can not stand.

The monkey is sewn from German mohair and filled with sawdust, wood wool, steel and mineral granulate.

5 pins, glass eyes.

         Greta is dressed in a coat made of thick cotton fabric. I embroidered fantasy flowers branches on her clothes. The coat is decorated with the label. The coat is fully lined.

The monkey is also dressed in handmade cotton shoes.

I love her sweet face, and her white shoes, and her coat. :)

          The monkey will come to you in a gift box.

5 pins, glass eyes.

Size  18,8"

Price: $340



Andrew bear in a classic style, made in the image of

the German bears of the early 20th century. 

Bears have the classic proportions and technology. 

Andrew limited is sewn from mohair, is stuffed with wood wool, sawdust and steel granulate.

Palms and soles are the same mohair, reverse side. 

A bears nose is embroidered and covered with wax. Glass eyes, black. 

Fastening is a classic pin. Barton delicately tinted pastel art. 

Bear can stand and sit. 

Size  13,7"

Price: $230 + shipping $30



I love sewing bunnies!

This is the first Bunny in a dress!

I love him very much!!! He's perfect!!!

Fifi is made of sheep's wool.

The Bunny is filled with sawdust and steel granulate.

The inner part of the ears - felt.

The dress is lined in Batiste. It can be removed.

Bunny delicately tinted artistic oil paints.

Size  7,5" without ears. 

Price: $210 + shipping $15



Petra is a small and very cozy elephant! She's wearing a very nice dress.

The dress is decorated with embroidered dragonfly.

Embroidery - machine embroidery, my work.

The dress is fully lined with Batiste.

Elephant ears have a wire.

The inner part of the ear - felt.

Elephant delicately tinted artistic paint.

Petra is densely Packed with sawdust and steel granulate.

6 pins (head swinging), glass eyes.

Size  8,6"

Price: $160 +  free shipping



Archie-the original bear, which is made of 2 different mohair.

Bear is made in a classic style.

Bear can sit well worth it. 

Paw pads are made of mohair.

Bear smells nice wood.

Archie - it is impossible to repeat!!! He's absolutely adorable!!!

It has a nice weight. His body is filled with mineral and steel granulate too.

Its collar is decorated with handmade tassels made of vintage silk. Button closure at collar.

Size  17,7"

Price: $360


Honey cake

Honey cake is the very sweet baby! It is very big and cozy! 

The bear has a soft filling. It's very nice to hug!

The bear is dressed in a cotton jumpsuit.

The overall has two sides. 2 in 1

Drawing on the fabric - handmade.

Bear is delicately old. Toned oil painted. He has 5 pins jointed.

Honey cake stuffed with wood wool, steel and mineral granulate.

Size  17"

Price: $250 + shipping $20



Bear Lily of the Valley is inspired by old bears.

Bear delicately aged and tinted by means of art.

Bears have a weak belly stuffing, to give the appearance of an old bear.

Heels and palms of bear-felt.

The bear is filled with sawdust, wood wool, steel and mineral granulate.

5 pins, glass eyes.

Size  9,4"

Price: $150


This is a very obedient girl. :)

The pig is made of viscose and firmly Packed with sawdust and steel granulate.

She delicately tinted pastel art.

 5 pins, glass eyes. 

Alexandra is wearing a lined dress, shoes and a mohair cardigan.

Size  7,5"

Price: $145 +  free shipping



Bonnie -little bear. 

The bear is made of German viscose, filled with sawdust and steel granules.

4 cotter pins and the head has 2 cotter pin - so it can revolve and swing.  

Glass eyes. 

Dress materials are cotton and batiste.

Bonnie will come to you in a beautiful gift box!!!

Size  7"

Price: $145 +  free shipping



Charlie's my new Bunny!

This is a very original creation.

Charlie is made of cotton fabric and tightly Packed with sawdust.

Bunny has 5 mounting pins. Eyes-copper buttons.

Charlie looks like an old toy.

On the body and clothing, decorative tinting and decorative stitches.

Charlie is wearing a dress on the cotton lining, pants.

In dress with antique lace.

Size  5,1"

Price: $135 +  free shipping



Lily is a little bear who really wants to be a ballerina.

She's always wearing her favorite skirt.

Lily has a soft belly padding. 

The head and legs are Packed tightly.

Lily is filled with sawdust and steel granulate.

The skirt can not be removed from the bear.

Bear can be your pocket friend.

Size  5,9"

Price: $90 +  free shipping

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Return Policy If you are not completely happy with my creations, please notified me within 24 hours of receiving the bear.

Please send the bear in its original condition and packaging back to me for a refund which does not include the return shipping fees (International). When I receive the bear, in the pristine condition it was sent, I'll credit your PayPal account.

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