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About me

       Vita Comoda Teddy exists since 2013. It was at the beginning of 2013 that I first made a toy and created this brand. But my sewing experience is a big part of my life.

I have been sewing since I was 4 years old and this is my favorite occupation.

My workplace is in a country house, surrounded by huge ancient pine and fir trees.

A dog lives in our family, but she can not go into the workshop.

Also, nobody smokes in our house.

I and the bears took part in many professional exhibitions in Moscow, London and Münster (Germany).


       2015  - TOBY Choice Award  

       2016  - URSA Award

       2017  - Nomination Golden George

       2017  - URSA Award

       2017  - Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards                                  Choice  Judging

       2018 - Toby Choice Award

       2018  - Nomination Golden George

       2018  - Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards                                  Choice  Judging

       2018  - Excellence in Bear Artistry Awards                                  People Choice

       2019  - Golden George

       2019  - USRA

About Bears and not only about them

Each Vita Comoda Teddy Bear is quite unique

It is made of professional materials.

All animals have glass German eyes and a split connection, filled with a different combination of sawdust, steel and glass granulates and wood wool.

Their noses are embroidered with a cotton waxed thread.

Beasts are delicately toned with artistic pastel and oil paints.

Each teddy bear is unique!

Pattern is used no more than 2 times.

If the bear is wearing clothes, then you can be sure that this clothing is sewn according to the technology of human clothes.

Often I decorate the clothes with embroidery made by me on the embroidery machine.



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