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Lenora is a medium size bear, and he is made in my favorite “Old Friend” style.

The bear is made with German mohair, filled with sawdust, wood wool, and mineral granules. He has a soft belly stuffing.

The bear is dressed in a cotton jacket with an embroidered bouquet of lilies of the valley.

Bear and clothes have stains and a loss of pile. These are artificially created decorative elements.

Clothes are totally removable.


Tinted art materials.

Lenora is a member of the Lilies of the Valley collection which was made especially for Furry Frenzy. All teddies are wearing in Batista clothes.  I embroidered bouquets of lilies of the valley with cotton and silk threads on the clothes.


5 pins, German glass eyes.

He can’t be standing without additional assistance.


Size  12"


Price: $250 + shipping $25

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