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Rose Jam 

Rose Jam is made from my new monkey pattern. 

She is 40 cm (16 inches) high but looks smaller. I am certainly happy with the result! 

The monkey is very cute. She has an attractive baby face. She is a baby monkey. :) 

Rose Jam is dressed in cotton overall. 

I decorated her with antique lace, decorative stitching, and an embroidered collar.

Monkey is sewn from hand-painted German mohair hand. 

It is filled with sawdust, wood wool, mineral, and steel pellets.

Rose Jam has a different degree of stuffing. 

The head and paws have a hard stuffing, a stomach is soft. 

5-way cotter pins, glass eyes. 

The monkey can not stand alone but sits confidently.


Size  16"


Price: $305 + shipping $25


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